Frequently Asked Questions


Electronic Key Card

How do I get a new key card?
  • You must have a valid membership in order to receive a key card.  Please plan ahead so this can either be done via mail by check, up to 30 min prior to a general meeting by cash/check/card, or order online by card.  The mailing address is 73 Tower Hill Road Candia NH 03034.
How do I open doors and gates with the new key card?
  • Simply place the card in close proximity to the black readers. The light will turn green if the card was successfully read.  The readers are only capable of reading a single card at a time.  Many people store their key cards in their wallet and simply wave the wallet in front of the reader.  This may not work if the wallet has more than one key card in it.  When in doubt, remove the SNHSS card from your wallet place it near the reader.
What if I receive a red light when I scan my card?
  • A red light indicates that an individual is not authorized to gain access to a specific area.  There are several reasons why this may occur:
    1. The individual no longer has an active access to the club facilities
    2. Card may be malfunctioning
    3. Card may have been reported lost or stolen and deactivated.  A cardholder that receives a red light when swiping the card should contact the club.
Why is there a continous beep after swiping my card?
  • Good question.  Unfortunately we haven't been able to prevent this from happening.  If it does happen to you, just reswipe your card and it will stop.
Who has access to reader information?
  • Swiping activity, which is recorded at the readers, is only used for official club business.  Access to this information is highly restricted.  This information is used to ensure that the clubhouse and parking lot remain secure.
Will the key card system still operate when the power goes out?
  • Yes, the system has a battery backup and can operate for extended periods without AC power.
What if I lose or damage my key card?
  • If your key card is lost, stolen or damaged, you must report it immediately to the club.  If your card is lost or stolen you can receive a new one for a charge of $10.
How long has the club had an electronic key system?
  • The original system was first used in 2004.